Management Team

Qiying Lu

Date:2020-11-03 Views:1070

MD, CMO and SVP, Clinical Development

    Dr. Lu, Qiying, M.D. and Master of Oncology, was trained under the tutor, Professor Shen Lin, Dean and Chair of Department of  Gastroenterology of Cancer Hospital, Peking University. As a resident physician in the Department of General Internal Medicine of Cancer Hospital, Peking University, he well experienced in clinical Oncology. Since 2008, Dr. Lu, Qiying  worked in global pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, GSK, AZ and Pfizer China R&D Center (CRDC), focusing on the research and development of products for tumor therapy, he as well expertized in clinical development of anti-tumor drugs. During service in Pfizer China R&D Center, as the head & director of Clinical Development of Oncology Product Group, he led the cross-departmental team to design clinical strategies of the first CDK4/6 inhibitor(Ibrance) as first-line MBC in China and got accelerate approval to market in July 2018 . He also led the clinical development and approval of dacomitinib (second-generation EGFR TKI) as the first-line medicine for NSCLC in May 2019.

    Since 2020, Dr. Lu Qiying was in charge of global development in the biotechnology company as VP and CMO successively, responsible for clinical research and application of IND for couple of IO mAbs and bispecific antibodies.