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Conference on Phase I Clinical Trial Scheme of ImmuneOnco IMM0306 Project solemnly held

Date:2019-08-05 Views:666

On August 4, 2019, the conference on Phase I Clinical Trial Scheme of IMM0306 Project of ImmuneOnco was solemnly held in Beijing. With the development of IMM0306 project to clinical trial research, ImmuneOnco has stepped into a higher stage of development.

"We are very honored to cooperate with Professor Shi Yuankai. As a well-known top expert in the field, President Shi had done a lot of new drug research, which has made great contributions to the promotion of new drug research and development in China. We believe that under the leadership of President Shi, we can promote the clinical research process of IMM0306 project with high quality." Dr. Tian Wenzhi, founder of ImmuneOnco, made an opening speech. Dr. Tian Wenzhi then introduced the IMM0306 project: "IMM0306 is an antibody-receptor recombinant protein (mAb-Trap) targeting CD47 and CD20 at the same time. It belongs to First-In-Class. At present, no double antibodies targeting these two targets have been reported in clinical trials at home and abroad. In our previous animal model study, we found that IMM01 (SIRPaD1-Fc) targeting CD47 and Rituximab targeting CD20 had very good synergistic effects, which inspired us to design IMM0306 project.” "Animal tumour model studies show that IMM0306 has strong pharmacodynamics in vivo, and it should be noted that IMM0306 does not bind to human erythrocyte at all, so it is expected that no significant anemia will occur in the subjects. IMM0306 project is currently in the process of IND declaration.” Tian added.

Professor Shi Yuankai said: "It's a pleasure to participate in the discussion of clinical programs for such new and promising innovative drugs, targeting CD47 antibodies and CD20 antibodies respectively. Everyone knows more about them, but at the same time targeting CD47 and CD20 antibodies has uniqueinnovative points. We look forward to exciting clinical trial results.

Professor Jing Hongmei of Beijing Third Hospital and Professor Li Yufu of Henan Cancer Hospital participated in the conference.

As a well-known top expert in the field, President Shi has a broad knowledge, broad vision and humorous language. He has given convincing guidance to the clinical trial research program of IMM0306 project. In a rigorous and lively atmosphere, the seminar was a complete success.