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Celebration reception of IMM01 licensed for clinical trials

Date:2019-06-03 Views:35

On May 31, 2019, ImmuneOnco ceremoniously held the celebration reception of IMM01 licensed for clinical trials. Along the way, ImmuneOnco is grateful to all those who help us, all those who care about us, and all those who fight with us, there will be greater challenges in the future, but we have no fear, go hand in hand, win the future! Behind every glory, is our constant pursuit of quality, behind every success, is the silent efforts of all. We will continue to work hard to get IMM01 on the market as early as possible.

On May 14, 2019, ImmuneOnco independently developed a new generation of immunological checkpoint inhibitors (project number: IMM01), which was licensed by the National Drug Administration for clinical trials. This is a major milestone in the company's development. It marks that ImmuneOnco has entered a new stage of the first domestic CD47 fusion protein drug research, which is patented and authorized by its own research and development.

About ImmuneOnco

ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park in June 2015. The company is mainly committed to the development and research of cancer immunotherapy products, including monoclonal antibodies against immunoregulatory targets and armed target-specific NK cells. We firmly believe that these products can help overcome cancer and bring hope for the rebirth of cancer patients.

About IMM01

IMM01 project for injection is a new generation of immune checkpoint inhibitors with independent intellectual property rights based on ImmuneOnco "mAb-Trap" technology platform. Aiming at CD47, the target of immune regulation, IMM01 project can activate macrophage phagocytosis of tumor cells and present phagocytosis-treated tumor antigens to T cells, thus exerting a powerful effect of tumor immunotherapy. ImmuneOnco perfectly solved the core pain point of CD47 target drug research and development.