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Authorized Use of ImmuneOnco’s FcR-TANK Cell Line

Date:2019-04-11 Views:32

Recently ImmuneOnco has authorized the use of the intellectual property rights -- FcR-TANK cell line --toseveral domestic partners (Totbiopharm,Crownbio,Zailaboratory, Yzymedical, etc.).

ADCC refers to NK cells, monocytes/macrophages and neutrophils expressing Fc receptors (FcγRIIIa), which kill target cells by binding to the Fc terminal of specific IgG antibodies on the surface of target cells, releasing perforin and granzyme. NK cells are the main effector cells for IgG antibody to play the role of ADCC. Traditional ADCC experiments used normal human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) as the source of NK cells, but the stability of ADCC experiments was poor due to the low expression of FcγRIIIa and the existence of low affinity variants.

Our modified FcR-TANK cells can be well used for screening, functional analysis and release detection of antibiody drugs, and have the advantages of simple operation, short cycle, low cost and easy repetition.

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