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ImmuneOnco was awarded TOP100 Enterprise Honour in 2018 Zhangjiang Venture Capital Summit

Date:2018-12-27 Views:38

On December 26, ImmuneOnco won the honor of "Insight Zhangjiang" Venture Capital Database and 2018 Zhangjiang Venture Capital TOP100 Enterprise.

ImmuneOnco was founded in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park in June 2015. ImmuneOnco focuses on the development of immunotherapy products for cancer, including bispecific antibodies, novel recombinant proteins, and CAR-NK cell therapy.

The "insight Zhangjiang" venture capital database contains information of enterprise history, such as basic information of industry and commerce, ownership structure, management team, financing history, competitors, industry labels, etc. The database collects real-time information of enterprise projects, such as the latest financing, award-winning situation, new products and technology release news, and collects many in-depth industry research reports.