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ImmuneOnco filed the patent application for the invention of Jurkat-CSR cell line

Date:2018-12-14 Views:32

On December 11, 2018, the patent application for the invention of Jurkat-CSR cell line independently constructed by ImmuneOnco, was filed with the China Patent Office (Named: A recombinant chimeric membrane protein cell line and its application, Application No. 2018115113674).

In the invention the gene-operating cell line integrates a chimeric SIRP alpha receptor (CSR molecule) expressing exogenous SIRP alpha protein and its application, as the cell line does not express CD47. The cell line can be used well for screening specific molecular drugs for CD47 or SIRP alpha. This is another milestone for the company, reflecting the company's technical ability to develop in vitro pharmacodynamic evaluation for different target drugs.

In order to study the ability of CD47 target drugs to promote the detection of phagocytosis of cancer cells, traditional in vitro activity analysis methods for CD47 target drugs need to isolate lymphocytes from human peripheral blood by using lymphocyte separating fluid, further obtain monocytes by magnetic bead sorting method, and then differentiate them into macrophages through long-term stimulation and culture. This method has low operability, long cycle, high cost, low throughput and is difficult to be used for drug release detection. The Jurkat-CSR cell line can be used for screening, functional analysis and release detection of CD47 or SIRP alpha target drugs, and have the advantages of simple operation, short cycle, low cost, good repetition etc.