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ImmuneOnco 2018 new spring fellowship successfully held

Date:2018-01-19 Views:33

The song begins with the pride of his old age, and happy new year. On January 18, 2018,ImmuneOnco -- " ImmuneOnco 2018 Spring Festival party” was held in Zhang Jiang, Shanghai. The general manager of the company--Dr. Tian Wenzhi, the guests and all staff have a joyous gathering together.

At the party, Dr. Tian Wenzhi enthusiastically introduced the company employees, introduced the company's development and made great achievements in 2017, then looked forward to the new peak of 2018. The company's achievements cannot do without investment, the company leaders and staff work together, he hopes in the new year with roll up your sleeves and go on!

In order to make the every employee can happy, company is ready to more than one with a high surprise. Warm out, the scene applause, laugh again and again.

ImmuneOnco 2018 Spring Festival party in a piece of laughter came to an end, we believe it is because we pay in the past year effort, will bloom out of the most gorgeous smile at the end of the year. The prospect of 2018 years, ImmuneOnco will continue to unite in the correct guidance of Dr. Tian Wenzhi, and write a new chapter.