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ImmuneOnco and Gateway Biologics Work Together To Promote The Development of Bispecific Antibody

Date:2017-11-14 Views:38

ImmuneOnco and Gateway Biologics Work Together To Promote The Development of Bispecific Antibody

On November 13, 2017,  ImmuneOnco Biomedical technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Gateway Biologics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Shanghai Zhangjiang Pharma Valley. They reached a strategic cooperation on ImmuneOnco bispecific antibody-- IMM0306 project. The two parnters will jointly promote the research and development of the project in the next two years, to meet the the IND requirements of  FDA and cFDA.

At the signing ceremony, ImmuneOnco chairman and general manager Dr. Tian Wenzhi and Gateway Biologics general manager Dr. Xiang Jun signed project cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parnters. Wise ChemPartner President Tang Wei, vice president of business development, ChemPartner Zhang Yanhong, Zhangkelingyi fund general manager Yu Xiaoyong, Zj venture Gu Jiefeng, Gateway Biologics researcher and ImmuneOnco project directors also attended the signing ceremony.

ImmuneOnco owned the completely independent intellectual property rights of IMM0306 – a bispecific antibody drugs, which can also act on tumor targeting and regulation of the immune system disease. And preclinical studies show that the drug had a significant therapeutic effect compared with the drug likes.

At the signing ceremony, Gateway Biologics general manager Dr. Xiang Jun said: " Gateway Biologics as one of the few in the biological Zhangjiang Pharma Valley biologics CMC development service providers, with biological macromolecules can improve the preclinical development ability. The company's business covers laboratory research and development, pilot large scale, preclinical preparation, clinical sample preparation, and also has a complete QA quality supervision system. As the appropriate ImmuneOnco signing, Gateway Biologics service ability has been known well again. On account of our two companies located in the Zhangjiang Pharma Valley, we can fully carry out deeper cooperation in more areas. In the process of cooperation, we must gather resources from all aspects of the company to accelerate the cooperation project."

ImmuneOnco chairman and general manager Dr. Tian Wenzhi said: "ImmuneOnco was founded in Zhangjiang Pharma Valley, the research and development of our company is committed to the innovation of protein drugs. Our first product will start IND in the near future. Zhangjiang Pharma Valley with complete drug development industry chain, provides the richly endowed conditions for the drug innovation of company, which is incomparable in any national region. Our wise cooperation with Gateway Biologics proved this. ImmuneOnco had more experience in innovative protein drugs, and Gateway Biologics has a mature biological macromolecules in preparation of CMC development experience, which can also meet the protein drugs IND standards of cFDA and FDA. We are very close to each other, more conducive to good communication, and effectively promote cooperation projects".

About ImmuneOnco

ImmuneOnco Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Was founded in Zhangjiang hi tech park China (Shanghai) trade zone on June 2015, by Dr. Tian Wenzhi--Shanghai and his international team. The company focused on the creation of a new anticancer drug development company,including the development of anti tumor antibody drugs, the regulate immune targets and targeted NK cell therapy products. ImmuneOnco has received a number of milepost achievements since its born, and gained continuous access to the industry and relevant departments within the two years. In 2016, ImmuneOnco won the Shanghai 50 best investment potential venture enterprises  In 2017, won the Chinese Innovation Contest Finals "excellent enterprise" and Shanghai “science and technology innovation enterprise award". Now ImmuneOnco own 9 patents and 2 trademarks, of which the first recombinant bispecific antibody drugs  patents granted in the United States recently.It is also the bispecific antibody drugs structure of the first patent among the world.

Our mission is to thought about for the patient, depending on science and technology, the continuous development of drugs on the market and tumor patients need and high safety, good curative effect, expected to fully cure the cancer, to fill the gaps at home and abroad, the research field of biological medicine or is suffering from diseases associated with will be of great meaning.

About Gateway Biologics

     Gateway Biologics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, Which located in the core areaof Zhangjiang hi-tech park. Gateway Biologics is one member of Shanghai Chempartner Co. Gateway Biologics focus on the development of biological macromolecular preparation CMC, and a perfect ability to pre clinical development of biological macromolecules. The company's business covers laboratory, pilot scale, pre clinical and clinical preparation filling sample preparation, at the same time with the QA quality supervision system, comply with and carry out the principle of cFDA and ICH know, the highest standards of FDA and EMA, in order to provide one-stop service for customers. The company is committed to high quality service, excellent professional ability and comprehensive technology platform to help domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies to accelerate the research and development and production of antibody drug, promote antibody drug clinical trials reporting and listing, for the benefit of the world.

About ChemPartner

Shanghai chempartner Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, is one of the world's leading research outsourcing services (CRO), adhering to the innovation driven, customer oriented service concept, is committed to providing comprehensive and high-quality global pharmaceutical company and Biotech Corp drug development services.

The company's business covers the synthetic chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, drug screening, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, toxicology research, animal experiment, raw material production and engineering test pilot.