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The clinical data fraud crackdown

Date:2015-06-04 Views:707

Bio pharmaceutical industry index last week (2015/11/09-2015/11/13) rose 1.33%, leading the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index 2.57 percentage points; in the 28 one level industry index, bio pharmaceutical week rose twelfth, or in the middle. Sub plate of the largest increase in biological products. TTM P / E ratio rose slowly, by November 13th, PE (TTM) was 47.66 times, relative to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300PE 355%. This week in October rebound in prices since the high, a share of the overall performance of weaker, which Benny pharmaceutical, sunflower pharmaceutical, Alexander Walter or leading, and involved clinical data fraud events with larger decreases because of Huahai, Kang Chi pharmaceutical. Department of Ophthalmology, hospital of Ireland more charming, Jinling pharmaceutical Henry also callback.
Nearly a month 10/13-11/13 biomedical industry index rose 12.39%, leading the CSI 300 index 2.40%, continued to rebound in the market after the National Day holiday. This month, small cap stocks rebound, such as crown Hao biological, Baida group, Benny pharmaceutical, double into pharmacy, which sunflower pharmaceutical, I biological weapons, Kang Chi pharmaceutical, Yabao pharmaceutical, mountain Dahua grand maternal and children's drug production enterprises benefit to child theme concept or is greater, and charming performance of the market is weak, such as Tasly, Hengrui medicine, sea Cisco, Baiyun Mountain, Aier Eye.
Industry trends
In November 13th, the State Council executive meeting urged health and pension services combined. In November 12th, the chemical registration classification reform for clinical value innovation. November 12th CFDA for the first time for drug registration application to withdraw the resort to deceit and accountability. In November 11th, CFDA "double 11" lift chop killer, for the first time.