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The IMM01 project patent of ImmuneOnco was authorized by the patent offices of the United States and Japan

Date:2020-09-01 Views:238

 ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced that the IMM01 project was recently authorized by the U.S. Patent Office (U.S. Patent No.: 15/566724). So far, the invention patents of IMM01 have been authorized in China, the United States and Japan (Japanese Patent No.: 2017-552177).


      "The IMM01 project patents has been authorized in major global pharmaceutical markets such as China, the United States and Japan, which will greatly improve the market competitiveness of the project. This is the second ImmuneOnco patent license obtained in the United States and the sixth patent license in the world, which fully reflects the strong R&D and innovation capabilities of the company's R&D team. " Tian Wenzhi, founder and chairman of ImmuneOnco, said: "the IMM01 project is a new generation of immune checkpoint inhibitors targeted at CD47 targets, which is based on the" mAb-Trap"technology platform of ImmuneOnco, and is currently in the third dose group of clinical trials. It has been shown that IMM01 has a strong effect in vivo, and patients can benefit continuously at lower doses. We are looking forward to the follow-up clinical manifestations of IMM01. "


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      ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2015 and registered in Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Shanghai. The company is mainly committed to the development and research of tumor immunotherapy products, including bispecific antibodies, new recombinant proteins, and car-nk cell therapy. The common feature of our products is to stimulate and mobilize the immune system of patients to play an anti-tumor effect, and ultimately inhibit the continued growth of tumor cells, reverse a series of malignant symptoms caused by this, so that patients gradually return to a healthy state of the body.


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