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The Phase I clinical trial launching meeting of IMM0306 project was held

Date:2020-04-17 Views:800

On April 16, 2020, the Phase I clinical trial launching meeting of ImmuneOnco IMM0306 project was held in Zhengzhou. With the launch of clinical trial research of IMM0306 project, it marks that ImmuneOnco has stepped into a higher level of development, and at the same time, it has further improved the position in the biopharmaceutical industry in the field of original drug research and bispecific antibody research.

Dr. Tian Wenzhi, founder of ImmuneOnco company, and Prof. song Yongping, President of Henan Cancer Research Institute and vice president of Henan Cancer Hospital, delivered opening speeches. Professor Shi Yuankai, vice president of cancer hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, attended the meeting via video. Subsequently, the research team conducted in-depth and detailed discussions on the implementation details and key issues of clinical research.

Dr. Tian Wenzhi said: "IMM0306 is an antibody receptor recombinant protein mAb-Trap targeting CD47 and CD20 at the same time, which belongs to the first in class. At present, there are no reports at home and abroad that dual antibodies targeting both targets enter the stage of clinical trials. At the same time, our other single target drug IMM01 project, in the second dose group of subjects in the clinical trial study, a very low dose can work and make patients continue to benefit, which fully shows that scientific molecular design and in-depth screening research make our drugs have great differentiation advantages. ". "Our IMM0306 binds to high specificity of CD20, differentiation of most CD47 antibodies, and does not bind to human red blood cells at all. We believe that IMM0306 project has great clinical development prospects. We will accelerate the clinical trial of IMM0306, so as to bring more safe, effective and affordable drugs to cancer patients. We are very honored to invite President Shi Yuankai and president Song Yongping to lead the clinical trial research of the project. We believe that under their guidance, the clinical trial will advance rapidly with both quality and quantity. " Mr. Tian added.

President Song Yongping said: "I am very glad to cooperate with companies like ImmuneOnco to jointly research innovative drugs with great potential such as IMM0306. The research on drugs targeting CD47 and CD20 at the same time will give us an additional weapon against tumor. We hope that IMM0306 will be included in the trial as soon as possible. We are also confident in the clinical study of IMM0306, and we are looking forward to exciting clinical trial results. "

"IMM0306 is the first macromolecular drug to target CD47 and CD20 in the world. We must strictly implement the clinical trial scheme, carefully select the subjects, and ensure that the clinical trial is advanced with high quality," said Prof. Shi Yuankai. Prof. Shi is knowledgeable, experienced and has a broad vision. Through video conference, he gave convincing guidance to the clinical trial research program of IMM0306 project.

In a rigorous and lively atmosphere, the launching meeting was a complete success.