Sunshine Guojian

Date:2020-07-29 Views:1488

    Founded in 2002, Sunshine Guojian is one of the first batch of Chinese innovative biopharmaceutical enterprises focusing on antibody drugs and is also a domestic pharmaceutical enterprise with three listed therapeutic antibody drugs in China. It has grown to become a biopharmaceutical company in China with independent capabilities in research and development, manufacturing and commercialization. With the National Engineering Research Center of Antibody Medicine, the company operates the production base of antibody drugs with a total scale of more than 40,000 liters. The company's R&D mainly focuses on innovative therapeutic antibody drugs, and provides high-quality, safe and effective clinical solutions for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, tumors and other major diseases. Adhering to the concept of "Cherish Life, Care for Life, Create Life", Sunshine Guojian is committed to growing an innovative therapeutic antibody drug enterprise that benefits China and embraces the world, realizing the vision of "making innovative antibody drugs within reach", so as to benefit more people and contribute to the Healthy China.

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