Management Team

Wenzhi Tian

Date:2020-06-22 Views:1327

MD,EMBA,Founder, Chairman, CEO and CSO

    Dr. Wenzhi Tian, M.D. and EMBA, is a renowned expert in cancer immunotherapies. Dr. Tian brought us over 30 years of academic and industrial experience in the field of immuno-oncology. Prior to founding ImmuneOnco in June of 2015, Dr. Tian co-founded Huabo Biopharm in June of 2011 and served as CEO & CSO until April of 2015. Dr. Tian was Principal Research Scientist at ImClone Systems between January of 2006 and April of 2011. Prior to joining ImClone Systems, He was CSO of Aoko Biotechnology Ltd. from July 2005 to December 2005, where he led vaccine development efforts against HIV using yeast technology platform.

    Before devoting himself to the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Tian spent nearly 15 years conducting academic research specifically on immunology at various research institutes, including Karolinska Institute in Sweden, Weill Medical College of Cornell University and North Shore University Hospital in the United States. With leading expertise in cancer immunology, Dr. Tian used to serve as an adjunct professor at Fudan University, Zhengzhou University and Henan University. Based on his in-depth understanding of cancer immunology, Dr. Tian has been at the forefront of scientific research and built a proven track record in target validation, molecular design and drug development for innovative immunotherapies. He identified CD47 as a promising immunotherapeutic target and commenced drug research on CD47 starting from 2010, roughly 10 years earlier than the validation of CD47 by clinical data. His deep expertise and foresight in target selection led to the discovery of two compounds against another promising target, each with the potential to become the global first-in-class or best-in-class drug with their respective target. A prolific scientist, Dr. Tian is an inventor of 12 issued patents and 49 patent applications, and author or co-author of more than 30 publications on internationally-recognized journals.