Technology Platforms

Integrated in-house R&D platform

Date:2022-07-19 Views:695

    Integrated proprietary R&D engine anchored around our deep understanding of tumor immunology,  continuously driving the discovery and development of innovative next-generation immunotherapies.

    We have established an integrated in-house R&D platform that covers target selection and validation, drug discovery, high-throughput screening, molecule design, preclinical studies, CMC and IND-enabling capabilities. Our platform enables us to continuously discover and develop next-generation innovative oncology therapies and move them forward to the clinical stage. The R&D engine includes a proprietary mAb-Trap bispecific platform, advanced hybridoma technology, high-throughput screening, strong immunoassay and bioassay technology, efficient cell line development and antibody production, as well as robust CMC and manufacturing capacity, which allow us to efficiently conduct screening for leading compounds and druggability analysis, cost-effectively manufacture high-quality drug candidates in-house, and provide firm support for our drug development efforts. Our R&D capabilities are anchored by our profound comprehension of biology and our stable R&D, CMC and regulatory affairs teams.

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