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ImmuneOnco was invited to give an oral presentation at the PEGS Boston Summit

Date:2022-05-10 Views:582

    In May 2022, ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ImmuneOnco") was invited to participate in the PEGS Boston Summit held in Boston, USA. Dr. Tian Wenzhi, founder, chairman and CEO of ImmuneOnco, authorized Dr. Zhang Fan, senior director of business development of the company, to report orally on the development of bispecific molecules related to targeting CD47 at the meeting.

    The report outlines the key strategy and technical obstacles of CD47-targeting drug development as well as ImmuneOnco's experience in the development of bispecific molecules such as IMM0306 (CD47xCD20), IMM2902 (CD47xHer2), IMM2520 (CD47xPD- L1), IMM5601 (CD47xCD38). Dr Zhang well demonstrated an overview of the developmental ideas, mechanism of action, preclinical research results and preliminary clinical data. The report was appreciated and affirmed by the industry colleagues who participated in the meeting. Participants showed great interest and discussed in-depth and lively in couple of topics.    

    Dr. Tian Wenzhi, Founder, Chairman and CEO of the company,said: 

    "we are honored to be invited to the PEGS Boston Summit, and very pleased to share our strategy and experience on the development of bispecific molecules targeting CD47 with colleagues in the industry. It is most likely for our products to become a "First-In-Class" or "Best-In-Class" product in the future due to our unique molecular design. We are confident and optimistic about the CD47 target, and we also firmly believe in the CD47-based bispecific antibodies are very competitive in the field of immunotherapy.   "ImmuneOnco has been committed to the research and development of anti-tumor drugs to find new immunomodulatory targets. We will continue to dig the anti-tumor field and speed up research and development so as to bring benefits to tumor patients."

About PEGS

   The PEGS Boston Summit, the Protein and Antibody Engineering Summit, is one of the industry's foremost events. It is recognized as the leading international meeting place for the biotherapeutics community. PEGS Boston highlights a wide spectrum of biologic drug development with in-depth presentations on protein and antibody engineering, immunotherapy, oncology, expression, analytical, immunogenicity, and more. PEGS Boston 2022 will host more than 400 lectures, panel discussions, tutorials and roundtable discussions with more than 150 exhibitors and 300 research posters on display in the exhibit hall. Speaker lineup includes industry-leading experts, academics and entrepreneurs from top pharma, biotech, academia and government agencies.