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    Milestone was established in June 2007. The company has a complete product line: PIPE fund, equity secondary market fund, neeQ Fund, hedge fund, overseas Greater China fund. At present, Licheng manages and issues more than 10 billion RMB funds, among which two funds established in 2016 focus on the pharmaceutical field, focusing on the distribution of new medical diagnosis, innovative drugs and high-end medical services. So far, Licheng has completed the investment layout of more than 10 high-quality enterprises. With years of accumulation in the secondary market, Licheng has rich experience in the linkage of the primary and secondary markets, and can provide long-term investment and financing services for the investee enterprises. With a complete and unique investment management knowledge system accumulated over the years, Liecheng supports the development and growth of the best enterprises and entrepreneurs, contributes to the transformation and upgrading of China's industrial structure, and actively participates in promoting China's economic development and social