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ImmuneOnco Announced Appointment of Dr. Xu, Wencheng as Vice President of Clinical Operations

Date:2022-03-30 Views:525

    On March 30, 2022, ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ImmuneOnco") announced the appointment of Dr. Xu, Wencheng as the vice president of clinical operations.

    After graduating from the Department of Clinical Medicine of Wuhan University, Dr. Xu, Wencheng has been engaged in the management of innovative drug clinical trials in the field of oncology, diabetes and cardiovascular for nearly 20 years. He was trained in biostatistics and epidemiology at Peking University as well as performed scientific research on oncology immunity, CGT, translational medicine at Tsinghua University. He is also a keynote speaker in clinical project management at authorities DIA and NMPA.

    Since 2002, Dr. Xu, Wencheng worked in couple of global biopharma companies like Gan & Lee, AstraZeneca, and Merck, accumulated extensive experience in clinical monitoring and site management. He participated in the development of first-generation insulin glargine and insulin lispro. and lead the registration of clinical trials of targeted drug gefitinib in Asia-Pacific countries, and clinical trials of cetuximab in head and neck cancer and gastrointestinal tumors. In 2010, Dr. Xu, Wencheng joined Quintiles and was responsible for the implementation of a global MNC (45 countries and regions, 25,000 patients) Phase III clinical trials and responsible for Asia regions including China, Taiwan and South Korea and start the leadership of the pivot studies initiated by China biotech companies. After that, he joined WuXi AppTec to lead the clinical trial management of innovative biological drugs in China and several biosimilars and completed the clinical trial of Chidamide in the field of breast cancer treatment. After that, he joined the local CRO STEMXEXCEL as the chief operating officer, helped the company growing from 100 or so to a CRO with a scale of 1,000 employees and assisted in multiple I/O Mab and BsAb clinical studies and applications.

Dr. Tian, Wenzhi, founder, chairman and CEO of ImmuneOnco, said:

    "I am very happy and sincerely welcome Dr. Xu, Wencheng to join the ImmuneOnco team. I fully believe that he will help our company to promote the development of innovative drugs rapidly with his extensive experience in clinical trial management of anti-tumor drugs, and accelerate the realization of our great vision, "developing first-class new drugs for the benefit of tumors patients'.

    "We will work with all colleagues to build the company a world-renowned biopharmaceutical company and develop first-class of new anti-cancer drugs for cancer patients all around the world."