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ImmuneOnco grandly held the groundbreaking ceremony of its headquarter and biopharmaceutical manufacturing base

Date:2022-01-04 Views:590

    The first sod was turned in the morning on the first working day of the new year (January 4, 2022). The groundbreaking ceremony of "ImmuneOnco Headquarter and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Base" was grandly held in the campus of ‘Innovative Medicine Base’ located in ‘Zhangjiang Science City’, Shanghai. The event is one of the sub-venues of "2022 Concentrated Commencement of Major Projects in Pudong New Area " held by Shanghai Pudong New District.

    Officers and representatives from Shanghai city and local administration attended the ImmuneOnco’s ceremony. They are Liu Ping, Deputy Director of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission; Wu Qiang, Deputy District Mayor of Pudong New Area; Representatives from Pudong Science and Economic Commission, Development and Reform Commission, Bureau of Planning and Investment, Zhangjiang Administration of Free Trade Zone, Zhangjiang Group, Xinchang Town, the Industrial Park and China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd.

    First of all, Dr. Tian Wenzhi, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ImmuneOnco, addressed greetings to attenders and expressed sincere gratitude to those who provide supports and collaboration.

Doing the best for the brilliant future

Dr. Tian Wenzhi, founder, chairman and CEO of ImmuneOnco,

delivered a welcome speech

    Then he said: "ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in Zhangjiang Science City in 2015. It has always adhered to and focused on the research and development of anti-tumor immunotherapy products. At present, the company has developed enriched pipelines of new drug candidates for cancer therapy. At this point, a total of 11 clinical trial approvals have been obtained for 5 projects, 2 of which have been approved by US FDA. I’d like to say a little more is that, we are completely independent in research and development and have the rights of intellectual property. So far, we already submitted 37 global invention patent applications in total for 12 molecules, of which, 10 patents have been granted."

    "The headquarter and biopharmaceutical manufacturing base of ImmuneOnco’ is key project that undertakes major mission and marks a significant progress of the company. Located in Zhangjiang, ImmuneOnco is now able to embark on the road of transforming from biotech company to biopharmaceutical group. We sincerely thank Shanghai Pudong for creating the innovative land for entrepreneurship and the favorable policy at the Zhangjiang Park Industrial Ecosystem Cluster. We firmly believe that, with the support and help of governments at all levels as always, with the joint efforts of the Eight Division of China Construction Corporation and other cooperative teams, we will surely build the best manufacturing base for antibody production at international GMP level. Once completion, the manufacturing base will carry ImmuneOnco’s core product lines and build a steady new beginning for the development of ImmuneOnco."

Wu Qiang, Deputy District Governor of Pudong New Area,

delivered a congratulatory speech

Wu Qiang, Deputy Chief of Pudong New Area, pointed out in the congratulatory address:

    “At present, Pudong is making every effort to build a leading area for social modernization, and Zhangjiang is speeding up the construction of a world-class science city. The biomedical industry plays an important role in economy, people’s livelihood and national security, and its position in the economy is becoming more and more prominent. The biotech revolution is coming quietly, the global biomedical industry chain and supply chain are forming rapidly. With the support of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, the Pudong New Area and the municipal authorities have carried out legislative work on the biomedicine industry, enacting legislation in areas such as clustering of innovative elements and pilot reforms to build a world-class biomedical industry cluster."

    "We look forward to working with industry experts to fight the forefront of biomedicine and become a leading runner in the field of life science, with continuing to strengthen key technology research and become one of major players representing our country in the club of international competition and cooperation. Let us join hands to optimize Pudong’s ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, to create an open sharable platform of advantageous industries, and create a bright future in which technological innovation leads development!"

Liu Ping, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission

of Economy and Information Technology, delivered a congratulatory speech

Liu Ping, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, also addressed congratulatory speech.

He summarized the leapfrog development of Pudong biomedical industry:

    "The first is to brave the historical burden and promote the steady progress of the industrial economy. The second is to take the legislative opportunity to accelerate the leap-forward development of biomedicine. The third is to optimize the business environment and promote the urban area to jointly serve enterprises to innovate and upgrade. Next, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology will work with Pudong New Area to make efforts on overall coordination and service guarantees, planning and layout, industry support, recruitment of talents, land resources, etc., so as to make sure that a good project has the industrial land needed, an excellent industry has enough space to fit,  a practical application has its own scenarios, a smart idea has talents to fulfill it, and a creative team can acquire plentiful resources. We will build Zhangjiang as “the best place” for the development of the biomedical industry. At the same time, we will continue to promote the linkage between Zhangjiang R&D and manufacturing to benefit whole city. ‘To draw a spring of living water‘from Zhangjiang River to add the brilliance to the Pujiang River. "

    Finally, a grand foundation laying ceremony was held at the site. ImmuneOnco and representatives of participating administrations and institutions jointly shoveled the foundation stone and took a group photo.

Sod cutters: Dr. Tian Wenzhi, Founder, Chairman and General Manager of ImmuneOnco; Mr. Liu Ping, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Mr. Wu Qiang, Deputy Governor of Pudong New Area,  Mr. Zhou Zhengyu Mr. Li Xiaoliang , Deputy Directors of  Pudong Science and Economic Commission;, Mrs Tang Wen,Deputy Director of Pudong Development and Reform Commission; Mr. Wu Jun, Deputy Director of Zhangjiang Administration Bureau; Chairman of Zhangjiang Group; Mr. Yuan Tao, Deputy General Manager of Zhangjiang Group; Mr. Wang Kairong, Mr. Shao Shizhi , Mayor of Xinchang Town;  Mr. Chen Jiqiang, China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd.; Mr. Zhang Ruliang, Deputy General Manager of ImmuneOnco, Leader of the project.

    The attendees witnessed this commemorative moment. ImmuneOnco's headquarter and biopharmaceutical manufacturing base successfully completed the foundation laying. ImmuneOnco has taken a solid step towards the implementation of the strategy of "developing best new drugs" and will also be committed to be leading runner in the development of immunotherapy.

Dr. Tian Wenzhi, founder, chairman and CEO of ImmuneOnco said:

   ‘In the future, ImmuneOnco will further expand its advantages in the research and development of anti-tumor immunotherapy, and accelerate the advancement of clinical progress and industrialization. We will try our best to become a benchmark enterprise in the era of independent innovation and development.

    ImmuneOnco, born in Zhangjiang, started from here for a new journey for innovative drug research and development business. We will insist on facing the frontier of science and global technology, facing the main economic battlefield, facing the major medical needs of the country and facing life and health of the people. ImmuneOnco will run among the leaders of the first echelon of China’s innovative drugs to fully embark on a new journey of innovative drug research and development! "

About ImmuneOnco Headquarters and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Base

    The land area of the ImmuneOnco Headquarter and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Base is 28,800 square meters, and the area under construction will reach 64,900 square meters. The company plans to invest more than 1 billion yuan in this project. The project is positioned to be GMP antibody manufacturing base with automation and digitalized management. It will be environment-friendly, energy saving and emission reduction characterized with internationalization and high technology. The project will start at the end of 2021 and will be completed in three years. The construction of the base shoulders the important mission of the company's development. Once the project is completed, it will carry the core product line of ImmuneOnco.

About ‘2022 Concentrated Commencement of Major Projects in Pudong New Area’

    In the morning of January 4, 2022, " 2022 Concentrated Commencement of Major Projects in Pudong New Area " was held at the site of the 4th phase expansion project of Shanghai Pudong International Airport. 82 major projects were started in a concentrated manner, with a total investment of 317.6 billion yuan, focusing on promoting industrial upgrading, improving urban functions, accelerating the improvement of people’s livelihood, and optimizing the ecological environment.

    It is a major measure taken by Shanghai to promote the high-level reform and opening up of Pudong New Area with the strength of the whole city and to build a leading area for socialist modernization.

    It is a practical action of slogans "Stable first and seeking progress while maintaining stability" and ‘good beginning is half done’. Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Li Qiang attended and announced the intensive start of major projects in Pudong New Area in 2022. Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, spoke at the construction start event.

    At the ceremony site of the commencement activities, leaders of major projects reported via the video connection that the preparations for the start of the work were ready. Projects are, the SMIC Lingang Base project, the large aircraft park final assembly supporting project, the ‘ImmuneOnco headquarter and biopharmaceutical manufacturing base’ project, the third phase of the expansion of the Bailonggang sewage treatment plant, and the expansion of the Southern Campus of Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences, the first phase of rail transit line 21, the Nanhui branch line (two-port city railway) project, the G1503 highway and the Pudong hub section of the Zhoudeng Expressway.

    The major projects started this time involve transportation infrastructure, strategic emerging industries, affordable housing, ecological environment and other fields. They have wide coverage, high technology content, and strong service functions. They will accelerate the building of a leading area for socialist modernization in Pudong. They will strongly propel the mission to realize high-quality development, high-quality life and high-efficiency management.

About ImmuneOnco

    Founded in June 2015 at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, ImmuneOnco focuses on development and research of anti-tumor immunotherapy products, including bi-specific antibody-traps (mAb-Traps), novel recombinant proteins, and target-activated NK cell therapy. Our compounds aim to activate patients’ own immune system to exert anti-tumor effects, and ultimately inhibit endless growth of tumor cells and reverse malignant symptoms, so that patients can return gradually to being healthy. Currently, several new anti-tumor products are in clinical development stage. ImmuneOnco is recognized by authorities as one of the ‘Top 50 Start-up Enterprises with the Most Investment Potential in Shanghai’ in 2016, the "Excellent Enterprise" in the 2017 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and one of the winners of the "Enterprise Excellence Award" of Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship in 2017.