Board of Directors

Xiaoyong Yu

Date:2020-07-07 Views:906


Bachelor degree, School of Management, Jilin University;

Mba, International Business School, Nankai University;

In 1995, he joined Tianjin Science and Technology Venture Capital Company and engaged in venture capital.

I came to Shanghai in 2001 and worked in Zhangjiang Investment Co., LTD., where I served as investment manager and investment director in Pudong Science Investment Co., LTD., Dingjia Venture Capital Co., LTD., and Zhangjiang Science Investment Co., LTD. Participate in the investment and management of Dijing Life, Fudan Zhangjiang, CITIC Guojian, minimally invasive medical, Xingling Medicine and other enterprises. During my work in Zhangjiang Science investment, I invested in yiyu Medical, Zesheng Pharmaceutical, Kananji Medical, Zaixin Pharmaceutical, Haihe Pharmaceutical, Anpai Medical and other enterprises. Zhang Ke Lingyi Fund has invested in many early biomedical projects such as Yimin Onco and Newmai Medical, with a good momentum of development.

He is also executive Director of Shanghai Zhangjiang Translational Medicine Investment Center and deputy Secretary general of Shanghai Pudong Translational Medicine Alliance.