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Ground Breaking Ceremony of New building for ImmuneOnco R&D Centre

Date:2021-04-22 Views:842

On March31, 2021, ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced that the building for R&D center, located in Lane 100, Banxia Road, Zhoupu, Shanghai (Cell Industrial Park), was officially commenced.

The new R&D building, with a total area of nearly 1,700 square meters, is specially built for development and research of early-stage products (including TankTM cellular therapy, novel target antibody screening, bi-specific antibody molecular design, etc.). while the "47" building, located in Yaogu Plus (Lane 908, Ziping Road), is commissioned to CMC for IND pipeline products and pilot production.

At present, ImmuneOnco has built a 200/250L pilot production line in accordance with GMP requirements, which can meet needs for the production of products for IND and Phase I clinical trials.

"In only two years, the construction of 2 R&D buildings has fully demonstrated the 'rapid' growth of our company. The research and development center will be the ‘hematopoietic system’ of the company to generate new product pipelines. It is an incubator of "First-in-class" or "best-in-class" product pipelines for our company. Therefore, in this ground-breaking day, we must lay a solid foundation and so, the building, as well as our company will be more steady and stable in the future.’ The founder and chairman of ImmuneOnco, Dr Tian Wenzhi said vividly, ‘among several companies to participate in bidding, Shanghai Beryl lab, won the bid by its strong strength once again. We fully believe that Shanghai Beryl lab will be able to complete with high quality in accordance with the contract time limit for the project. At the same time, I am looking forward to see a modern R&D center as soon as possible.”

’Shanghai Beryl lab adheres to high quality and speed to provide customers with one-stop service. ImmuneOnco is our high quality customer, and I am pleased to work with Dr.Tian again, we will strictly promote construction to build a modern research and development center suitable for ImmuneOnco’s need,’ Mr. Geng Zhongwei, Chief Manager of Shanghai Beryl lab attended the foundation laying ceremony and delivered the speech.

About ImmuneOnco

Founded in June 2015 in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, ImmuneOnco focuses on the development and research of anti-tumor immunotherapy products, including bi-specific antibodies, novel recombinant proteins, and TankTM cellular therapy. The common feature of these products is to activate the patient's own immune system to exert the anti-tumor effects, and ultimately inhibit the endless growth of tumor cells and reverse the malignant symptoms, so that the patients gradually return to healthy. So far, several new anti-tumor drugs are in clinical research stage. ImmuneOnco is recognized by authorities as one of  the ‘Top 50 Start-up Enterprises with the Most Investment Potential in Shanghai’ in 2016, the "Excellent Enterprise" in the 2017 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the "Enterprise Excellence Award" of Shanghai Science and Technology Entrepreneurship in 2017. So far, it has accumulated nearly 1 billion yuan of institutional investment.

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