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Dr. Tian Wenzhi is selected to the Innovation talent promotion plan candidate list by the Ministry of science and technology.

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  The latest news, in February 26, 2018, the torch center of national science and technology announced the candidate list of Innovation talent promotion plan in scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurial talent in 2017. Dr. Tian Wenzhi, the founder of ImmuneOnco Biopharma was selected, only 2 persons in Zhangjiang hi-tech park.

   Tian Wenzhi, MD, Ph.D., was Shanghai "Thousand People Plan" expert and Pudong New District " Hundred People Plan" expert.  After years of studying and working in Sweden and the United States, Dr. Tian had achieved many fruitful results. In June, 2015, Dr. Tian founded the ImmuneOnco Biopharma company in Shanghai.