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ImmuneOnco announces acceptance of patent application by China SIPO on a novel recombinant bispecific antibody

2017-3-13 0:00:00Click:490

     On March 13, 2017,the ImmuneOnco domestic patent applications have been accepted by China SIPO, the application number is: CN201710151979.6. The patent protection is a gene engineering technology for preparation of a anti-cancer drugs of anti CD47 and anti CD20 bispecific antibody, immune therapy mainly based on tumor related diseases, designed to target and immune regulation target. “The patent based on the development of the company's CD47 platform and the bispecific antibody products technology platform.The recombinant antibody protected against CD20 molecule on the surface of lymphoma cell membrane and CD47 molecule on the surface of tumor cell membrane”, commented Dr. Wenzhi Tian, Founder and Chairman of ImmuneOnco. The products of high expression, stable product quality, have complete independent property rights, with the international advanced level, to fill the drug development for CD47 and CD20 dual target domestic blank, has a great competitive advantage in the world.