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Experts view of the sky and the power of the biological medicine industry

2015-5-27 12:02:11Click:1095

On the afternoon of November 14, the city by the letter appoint vice director Li Yongxiang rate "one thousand people plan" experts to Qingpu District concept Ferris Shi Li biomedical industry park. Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization, accompanied by Gao Jinfeng.
In Tasly biological medicine industrial park, the experts of garden style working environment to give fully affirmed, and a detailed understanding of the production and sale of Tasly and future development planning. Qingpu District attaches great importance to enterprise development, Tasly in science and technology research and development, personnel training, strategic planning and other aspects of the results are encouraging, the hope can have the opportunity and Qingpu District, in cooperation with the Tasly, experts said.