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ImmuneOnco Biopharma won the project supported by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality

2019-6-5 0:00:00Click:33

       On June 4, 2019, ImmuneOnco Biopharma Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was awarded by Shanghai science and technology achievements transformation and industrialization project 2019. The project number is 19431907100. The project is a phase I clinical study of rhSIRPaD1-Fc, a novel immunoregulatory target drug.

   This project activates macrophages by blocking the interaction of CD47-SIRPa, so that the latter can phagocytize tumor cells and present the phagocytosis-treated tumor antigens to T cells, thus exerting a powerful immunotherapeutic effect on tumors. Pre-clinical studies have proved that it has remarkable therapeutic effect and good safety.

   ImmuneOnco has acquired all the intellectual property rights of the project through independent research and development.