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The clinical trial of the first domestic drug targeting CD47 fusion protein was licensed by NMPA

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ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced that the company independently developed a new generation of immunological checkpoint inhibitors (project number: IMM01), obtained the National Drug Administration (NMPA) clinical trial license (acceptance number: CXSL1900028). This marks that ImmuneOnco has entered the stage of clinical research, which is a major milestone in the development of the company. It marks that ImmuneOnco has entered a new stage in the research of the first CD47 fusion protein drug in China, which is patented and authorized by independent research and development.

    On March 18, 2019, ImmuneOnco submitted IND to the National Drug Administration (NMPA), then on May 14, 2019, it was approved for phase I/II clinical trial research. It took only 39 working days from admission to approval. ImmuneOnco is submitting IND to FDA in progress.

Wenzhi Tian, the founder and chairman of ImmuneOnco, said: "We are very glad that our first research and development product has been approved by the National Drug Administration (NMPA) for clinical trials. We will work with our partners to rapidly promote clinical research, hoping to use safe and effective drugs on patients as soon as possible. Here, I would like to thank my R&D team, my clinical registration department and all colleagues for their contributions to the phased results of the project.


  About IMM01

    Injection IMM01 project is a new generation of immune checkpoint inhibitors with independent intellectual property rights based on "mAb-Trap" technology platform. Aiming at CD47, the target of immune regulation, IMM01 project can activate macrophage phagocytosis of tumor cells and present phagocytosis-treated tumor antigens to T cells, thus exerting a powerful effect of tumor immunotherapy. ImmuneOnco perfectly solved the core pain point of CD47 target drug research and development.


About ImmuneOnco Biopharmaceuticals Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

    ImmuneOnco is a new cancer drug research and development company founded by Dr. Wenzhi Tian's entrepreneurial team in Zhangjiang High-tech Park, China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone in June 2015. The company focuses on the development of cancer immunotherapy products, including new recombinant proteins, bispecific antibodies, and CAR-NK cell therapy. The company has built two major antibody technology platforms: antibody technology platform based on Immunoregulatory target CD47 and "mAb-Trap" technology platform with double and multi-target specificity antibody. Based on the company's platform technology, ImmuneOnco has issued a wealth of product pipelines. ImmuneOnco also achieves diversified layout through various forms such as global technology authorization, cooperative development and so on. For more information, please visit www.immuneonco.cn.